Monday, May 13, 2013


yeah, so we got a dog!! it all kinda happen pretty fast! i had been wanting one for awhile, but we kept putting it off for obvious reasons (puppies are A LOT of work), but the last few weeks i was looking at ksl everyday looking for just the right one! last monday i found an add that a breeder had put up and she had 5 little mini aussie's!

this was the picture she put up, i was sold right away! i mean c'mon, what a doll! 

i made matt call (i hate talking on the phone! haha!) we set up a time on tuesday to go look at a couple of the ones we liked! we just fell in love with this little girl right away! look at that face, how could you not? then we were able to  go get her on thursday! the whole way down to get her i was so nervous, thinking to myself, "what if she is just a horrible dog." haha although it hasnt been a walk in the park, for the most part she is such a sweetheart!

meet scout 

she does have a little defect in her right eye, where her cornea is a little bigger than it should be, which makes that eye pretty sensitive to the sunlight. so she loves to be in the shade, or play outside when the sun is going down.

how sweet is this picture of her & matt sleeping

 she is already such a smart dog! by the first night she already knew she needed to go outside to go the bathroom. even though there has been accidents. she's pretty good about going on her pad. she loves her kennel & has no problem going in there at night to sleep. she didn't even cry her first night. she will just whimper a little bit then we will let her out to go to the bathroom. 

we got this little pack n' play for her to stay in while we are at work. the first day she hated it and cried the whole time we were gone (thanks megan for playing with her a little bit) for the first little while if she couldn't see us, she would whimper & cry, so we always had to be in her sights haha. but she has been doing so much better.

she loves to play & run around. we let her chase us, & she could probably do it for hours!
her little run/hop is the cutest thing i've ever seen!!

having a puppy is definitely really hard & so much work! it's literally like having a new born baby! they are so dependent on you.  matt even said he has regretted a few times. haha she chews & nibbles & jumps. & it will just take time to let her know what she can & cant do. i think the hardest part is we cant really take her out any where except for our back yard because she is still so little and hasn't gotten all of her shots yet. it will be nice when we can take her for walks, hiking, to the park, etc. all in all we are so in love! we are already very protective of her, & think she is just the cutest!


  1. how cute! i wanna come see it! you know when that thing gets bigger, i'll be so scared of it! i love the name you choose, so cute! for now, i'll just wait for my baby (and another sibling) before i ever have a dog. :)

    i'm so jealous of your little patio. i notice that because we're starting our yard. (what a pain!!)

  2. omg sooo cute! we are definately coming to see her soon :)