Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hawaii Part Six

Last one, i promise haha

Sloane is OBSESSED with these mickey ears and would freak if we tried to take them off her. She is still wearing them everyday since we've been back.

Sloane fell asleep literally as soon as we got on the plane, and slept the whole time!! so amazing!

This really was the funnest vacation ever!! I could have easily stayed for another week! I am so happy i have these memories as a family to look back on.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hawaii Part Five

^yoga on the beach

^blurry, but still so cute.

We only did the pool one day because it is really hard to get beach chairs by the pool. we had to stake them out super early haha. But it was so fun, Sloane really got the hang of how to swim in her life jacket and LOVED it! she would just swim around in circles and giggle forever! She would jump in over and over again! Sloane is a very shy reserved person and doesn't really like to try new things, so it was such a joy for me to watch her come out of her shell and enjoy trying new things! Something i will always remember!