Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Card 2017

Baby #2

Well, i guess its finally time to announce that we are welcoming a baby BOY into our family in March. We are so so soooo excited! I am 26 weeks and my due date is March 31st which means this baby's birthday and Sloane's will literally be days apart. This pregnancy has seriously flown by! Besides getting kidney stones (seriously THE WORST) at 22 weeks i have felt great this pregnancy, like hardly sick at all! Which is a nice change from how i felt when i was pregnant with Sloane.

We are sooo excited to be having a boy! I have known that we were going to have a boy next since before i was even pregnant. I always just had a feeling. Matt thought he was doomed for all girls, but for whatever reason i had no hesitations and i knew it was going to be a boy! We did the blood test around 10 weeks, so we got the results back at 12 weeks. I was driving in the car when they called, and when they told me the results i immediately burst into tears. I was so so happy and so relieved. Matt was obviously thrilled and told me he had secretly got his hopes up for a boy. We didn't tell either of our families till we were 13 or 14 weeks along, I think a lot of them were suspicous because they knew we were trying to get pregnant, but i think they were surprised by how far along i was and that we already knew the gender. 

I don't think Sloane really has any idea what is going on. She knows that there is a baby brother in my tummy, and loves to give it kisses. She loves to look at the baby stuff and says, " awh, so cute!" and sometimes she will say, "shhh quiet, the baby is sleeping in mommy's tummy." haha! But i think she is pretty much clueless when it comes to knowing what is really going to happen. Whenever i ask her where the baby should sleep she always says, "at bobby's house." My brother bobby just had a baby boy, so i think its confusing her a little bit. haha! But i know she will be great! she loooooves babies and is so sweet to them. She loves to sing to my brothers new baby and likes to pretend to eat his toes haha! I know her world will totally be rocked, but I haven't gotten too worried about it yet. 

Pregnancy is very hard for me emotionally, especially the first trimester. I worry SOO much! So i am so so thankful for a healthy pregnancy so far! My favorite part so far has been feeling his little kicks. It really is the best! Pregnancy seriously is amazing and I'm so glad that i've been blessed to do this all over again. 

This was the cutest gender reveal cake we did and i totally forgot to get a picture of the inside. But obviously it was BLUE!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Santa Picture

I tried so hard to prepare Sloane for Santa this year. She talks about him so much and how he is going to bring her presents and bring her a Snow White dress. As soon as she saw him, it was all over haha! She did eventually calm down and tell him that she wanted a Snow White dress. After we left she kept saying, "sanata so nice, gave me a sucker." I kept asking her why she was crying and she would say, "no I was so happy." I think because I keep telling her Santa only comes to little girls houses who are happy haha.
 Sloane has been crying in every single Santa picture we have taken, so its kinda a tradition now haha.

Christmas Pictures

You can't really tell, but Sloane was a complete nightmare during these. Like literally uncontrollable sobbing.. so annoying haha! With enough bribing I finally convinced her to take a few, and I think she is just so cute!