Monday, May 20, 2013

weekend recap

this last weekend we ditched the rain & went down south so that me, summer, & scott could participate in the st. george triathlon. & matt was the designated babysitter for dakota, bridger, & scout. haha

scout did so good on the drive down. she pretty much slept the whole time. 
she sleeps in the weirdest positions haha

dakota & bridger dancing in the car

i dont have very many pictures from the race, because matt was back at the house baby sitting

before the race//

bikes on bikes on bikes

me & matt just got new road bikes, so i was especially excited to try mine out.
(i'm still trying to talk matt into doing one)

 after the race//
summer got 1st place in her age group
and i got an A for effort! haha


we spent the rest of the day in the hot sun relaxing by the pool.

this little girl at the pool couldn't get enough of scout

bridger & scout are in love.

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  1. So it looks like I have a new grandchild. Not quite what I was expecting!!