Sunday, July 8, 2012

the fourth

on monday the 2nd was my little brother Hunter's 14th birthday. Hunter is the funniest person ever. just thinking about him makes me laugh! Hunter has the best heart and im so glad i have a brother like him!

on the 3rd was the big fire. i'm sure everyone is super sick of seeing stuff about it, but i just feel like my family was so so lucky so i have to post about it. 
i had just been up at my parents house swimming and right when i got home to get ready for work matt called me telling me their was a fire by my moms house. i was like freaking out and called my mom right away. i could tell by the way she answered she already knew and was very upset. she said they were all going to meet at bobbys house so to come over there. while i was driving up all i could see was all the smoke and i was really scared.
the picture about is from bobbys deck, and thats all we could see. its a really weird feeling not knowing if your house is going to be there or not. even though i don't live there anymore and i dont really have any of my stuff there, its still my house and the home i grew up in and i was really sad thinking those memories could all be gone. the only thing i could think of that i would have wanted to take was my wedding dress. haha i was way sad thinking it might be all burnt up.

we knew that something was burning cuz we could see a lot of black smoke.(later we found out it was the barn) after waiting awhile we decided to drive up a little further so we could see better.
as soon as we started driving up, the smoke started to part.. and there was our house!! still standing.

 picture of the barn burning

this picture is the coolest thing ever. it just shows how amazing the firefighters are!! 

my family wasn't able to go back up to there house until thursday night, here are some pictures i took when i went up there on friday.

all the boys were up there working all day on friday getting rid of all the burnt stuff.

its been a pretty surreal experience and our family feels so so blessed and extremely thankful to all the firefighters who risked there lives to save our house. we also know there were many people praying for a good outcome, and those prayers were obviously answered. the big guy was definitely looking out for us, thats for sure.

we were suppose to go up to park city on tuesday night for the 4th with matts family, but with the fire and everything i wasnt really sure i wanted to go. i was still really worried about the fire and wanted to make sure everything was ok. when we fond out the house was fine, we decided it was probably ok to go. so we drove up to the escala lodge in park city right by the canyons. it was so nice and so pretty, but the whole time i was constantly checking my phone for updates on the fire cuz i was still so worried about it, just with hot spots and wind changes and everything else that can go wrong. but i still managed to have fun. matts family always knows how to show a good time and i always have so much fun with them.

yeah, matt might need a haircut

the 4th is matts dads birthday!! happy birthday kim!

on thursday the 5th i got up at the crack of dawn to go to the airport to see my good friend karli who was coming home from her mission. im so happy and excited shes home!! love you kar!!!

 everyone at karli's homecoming!!!

needless to say it was a long busy week, and i was exhausted by the end of it.

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  1. SO glad your home is ok :) such a tender mercy!
    p.s. We love Escala! we've been up there several times and that's where we lived during that short time that we lived in Park City.. gorgeous up there!