Tuesday, December 6, 2011

wedding post!

thewhole week before we got married it was beautiful weather, but the day beforewe got married. it snowed! yes snowed (what the heck! the week after itwas beautiful too.. figures) but i wasn't going to get all worked up about thatbecause i knew everything would still work out and be beautiful. that night iwent out with my sisters and matts sisters for a little bachelorette party. ohmy gosh, how fun was that? we seriously laughed so much!! they made me wearthis ridiculous outfit, but we had such a blast. and i got some really fungifts ;)

i'vebeen trying to think of a word that will describe the way i felt on my wedding day. i'm sure all you who are married know what i mean. i really don't think there is a perfect word. the whole day felt so surreal. we got married at 3pm, i felt like it was the perfect time. i hate feeling rushed. i remember being in the brides room, putting on my wedding dress and then they told me to wait here and my mom left to go to the sealing room or where ever they go. during the our whole engagement or wedding planning process i never once felt nervous to get married. but sitting there in the brides room by myself i started to feel really nervous. it was the weirdest feeling. they came and got me, and took me and matt in the celestial room to wait. as soon as we walked into the celestial room i felt like i was just going to start bawling haha its so weird, i don't even know how to describe the feeling i had. matt kept trying to talk to me but i was so nervous i wouldn't even really talk to him hahah. it felt like we were sitting in there for about a 1/2 hour, and i remember thinking hurry and come get us so i don't start crying! haha. our sealing in the salt lake temple was probably the most beautiful moment of my entire life. i remember just feeling so grateful that we had finally made it to this moment. feeling grateful for everything that me and matt have been through because all of it brought us here, and grateful that we get to be with each other forever. howgreat is that? we were both pretty good about not crying, just a few wateryeyes here and there. but as soon as my dad gave me a hug i lost it. haha i don't know why. really weird. haha

afterour sealing was over, as bad as it sounds i was so relieved!! haha! we took alot of pictures at the temple before we got married, and im SO glad that wedid. we had to take barely any pictures when we got out of the temple. it was awesome! as we were walking across the street to our car i found $20 on the ground.. pretty good start to a marriage if you ask me. haha driving away from the temple was so weird. haha as we were driving we both were like.. uhhh..well.. this is weird hahah! its so funny to think about now, i think we both expected to feel a certain way, like we would get married and automatically have a different state of mind or something. haha funny.

Everyone that was at the temple.

this picture below cracks me up

matt's family

my family


all our awesome friends that came to the temple


the picture on the right makes me laugh so hard haha

matt's grandparents

after the temple driving over to tuscany me and matt were both so hungary
so we stopped at mcdonalds haha!

neither matt or myself wanted to have a big reception. we both hate being the center of attention so it was just not something that we ever wanted for our wedding. wehad a small dinner with our closest friends and family at tuscany in was perfect! it was exactly what i had pictured in my mind. matts mom did all the decorating, and she did amazing, everything turned out soo beautiful! i have no idea how to thank her for all the hard work she put intoit. she is awesome! i remember during the dinner matt kept saying stuff like," this doesn't even feel like our wedding day, it feels like were a tsomeone else's wedding." haha it totally did.

during dinner we had a few toasts going on. both our dads, my sister summer, matts sister kimberly, our friends jackie and tyler and then both me and matt said a few words. everyone had the kindest things to say. i wish i could remember everything word for word.

matt will testify that it was the best tasting cake EVER. we kept the top andmatt eats a piece almost everyday. haha it really was sooo good.

my favorite, favorite part of the night was when matt's niece sang us a song. it was the cutest thing i have ever seen! i was laughing so much, she was so adorable!!!

first dance as mr and mrs.

their are no pictures of us leaving because we made a quick escape while everyone was still dancing.
what a fun day. but im actually really happy that its over with and were just married. i like being married.


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  2. Stunning post! I am also getting married to the love of my life in one of the venues in Los Angeles by the end of this year. I got some really good ideas from this post for my wedding day. The bride and the groom look fantabulous together, loved her dress!