Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This past weekend we went camping with Brenden & Hannah and Spencer & Megan!
We had so much fun! We want to go every weekend!
We went camping on some of my uncles property up in alpine, and found the coolest spot up there. It felt like we were in the Uinta's when we were literally 30 seconds away from Brenden's house.

My sister let us borrow their camping stuff. little did we know the tent was HUGE!!
haha we could have all easily fit in it!!

Brenden & Hannah's tent was soo little, it was making us laugh so hard!!

cant forget about the bathroom. being a girl and going to bathroom outdoors is probably one of the hardest things ever!! there is no good way to do it. i was making matt stand by me so i could hold on to his leg haha. we need to bring a portable toilet or something next time.

When we got married for a wedding present for matt i got him a 
Bear Grylls knife. He was seriously wipping that thing out every chance he got.

Here he is trying to start a fire with it.

cant go camping with out some good old fashioned hot dogs 

meg and spence brought stuff for these campfire cones i had seen on pinterest.
so yummy!!

i was in charge of breakfast so i pre-made these breakfast burrito's from a recipe on pinterest. (pinterest really pulled through for us on this campout) They were so easy and you just stuck them on the fire in the morning, after a few minutes they were hot and ready to eat!! i'm def making these every time.

yes, these are the shoes i wore camping ( i didnt think we were gonna be hiking and stuff ok)

in the morning everyone decided they did want to go hiking.. haha
so matt had some of his work boots in his truck. i looked ridiculous! but
hey they worked like a charm. im actually thinking of picking myself up a pair!

such pretty views

dont i look good in the morning. hahah!

so fun snyder's and smith's we have to do it again!!


  1. haha autumn how did matts shoes FIT you? i love how i can hear your voice in my head in your writing. I can't forget the 'hahaha'. mwah

  2. haha they didnt! i looked like big foot!!

  3. oh geeeeez those are some attractive pics!