Sunday, July 15, 2012

echo triathlon/ park city

this last weekend we went up to park city to do the echo triathlon at echo reservoir.
it was a first for me scott and summer and it was so much fun. wayyyy better than half marathons!!
i tried talking matt in to doing it with us, he could not be convinced! so we forced him to come take pictures for us! sorry for a the picture overload.

setting up the transition stations

giving matt the thumbs up haha

this guy is in the process of falling over, he was right behind me and im pretty sure it was my fault. haha sorry.

the triathlon was a success, i think we will definitely be doing more.
summer ended up getting 2nd in her age group which is awesome! her craziness is finally paying off.

 matt was such a good sport, he got up early and didn't complain once (ok maybe once) and he was at every transition cheering us on. i absolutely loved having him there, he was a great supporter!

 we stayed the whole weekend at the Newpark Hotel.
we got a 2 bedroom suite and it was so fun!!! we spent lots of time sleeping, shopping at the outlets, park city main street, and tried out some fun restaurants.

 our hotel room had this little hot tub on the balcony and i LOVED it. so nice! especially after the triathlon! when all four of us would sit in it, it would overflow haha!

 matt found these monster drinks at the gas station and him and scott were loving them. i think they were feeling pretty cool! haha

 there was a kneaders at our hotel and so you could get kneaders room service!!
doesn't get much better than that french toast!

another successful weekend come and gone. i cant believe how quickly the summer is going.


  1. that is so cool autumn!!! congrats! did you train for the swimming part in an actual lake? i don't think i could do that... well maybe a lake but not an ocean. Sharks-no good. hooray autumn!

  2. @larisa fraser i practiced once in utah lake. you could TOTALLY do it, not bad at all, anyone could do it!! & yeah never would i do one in an ocean. i can barely have my feet in the ocean with out freaking out!!