Sunday, April 7, 2013


i had such a fun vacation with my mom & brothers down to newport beach. it was such nice weather, & i'm so glad i was able to show them some of the fun things me & matt do when we go down. 

honestly i wish i lived their--what a dream that would be.

view from our hotel (fashion island).. i was in heaven! we definitely did our fair share of shopping, & then some! the boys were good sports about it for the most part.

crystal cove beach

hunter was trying to do a cartwheel haha

wahoo's// matts favorite place to eat in cali

dinner at rainforest cafe

what my mom was doing 95% of the time. yeah thats right mom-- i'm calling you out!

thanks mom for the fun vacation!!!


  1. awww solid vacayyyy. hunter is sooo big and i love your swimsuit and your nikes. are those the same as my pink ones? they look like it. mwah

  2. love your suit! you're such a beach babe!

  3. LOVE your suit! i was going to ask where barbie was. i guess she was behind the camera or texting all her boyfriends!