Monday, June 25, 2012

weekend & some other stuff.

i can't believe the parade of homes have already come and gone! last year the day we went through, me and matt got engaged!! seems like that year went by fast!! anywho, this year was kind of fun because matt was the super over the whole subdivision so he did a lot of work on the patterson parade home. he was constantly over there making sure things were getting done, and it tuned out great! also, matts dad did all the granite countertops and they look amazing!!!

on friday we decided to show our pleasant grove pride and hit up strawberry days.
matt was LOVING the rides!! listening to him scream was the funniest thing ever!

we always have so much fun with meg and spence! at one point during the night we got laughing so hard about something i was literally crying, like tears coming out of my eyes!! haha! they are so much fun!

on saturday night we went up to the real salt lake game with some people matt works with.
matt has never been to a real game so he has been so excited, and we had awesome seats! they played san jose, so it was a big game. unfortunately they lost, but we still had fun! matt's claiming to be their biggest fan since then.. but i know no one has his heart like the jazz.

sunday afternoon we decided to get out of the house and go on a little hike by our house. it was so pretty and we had no idea all this stuff was so close to us.

 this was at the top of the waterfall.

i know, i know. we look great!!

and now just for fun a few pics of bridger. i babysit dakota and bridger every tuesday, and despite how naughty they can be i LOVE babysitting them!! summer doesnt like bridge taking naps during the day because then he wont go to bed at night, but he always tries to sneak in a little nap with out me noticing. i dont know why i love to take pictures of him sleeping? he's just so dang cute! when he's sleeping.. haha

i also have to throw in a few pictures of matts niece lydia. she is so funny! 
she never wants to wear pants, and always has a little wedgie! haha


  1. i love that you took a picture of a wedgie. ahahaha

  2. hahaha the wedgie pictures are so funny