Sunday, July 3, 2011

house progress

matt & i have been able to go through the process of building our first home (while planning a wedding.. not my brightest idea) it has been such a neat experience for both of us to go through this and we have learned sooo much! its been stressful at times, but it has also been so much fun to be able to put our own style into a house and see how the whole process works. we both feel so lucky that we are able to build this house. i think we are over there at least twice a day, maybe more. we like to go over and just stare at everything haha. we feel so blessed and cant wait to start a future here! but mostly cant wait to finallyyy be married :)





back view

matt has been able to work on the framing crew which has been really fun for him

main floor walls up

view from bonus room

the framing crew is so speedy. all of this went up in about a week! i cant believe how fast they are. i will post more pictures as more progress is made.


  1. ohhh I can't wait to see it when it's finished! we'll have to have party's here for surrreee!

  2. your house is so big autumn bottom... I am so jealous

  3. yeah i would be really embarrassed if i were you. yours looks like a pool shed compared to mine.