Monday, October 15, 2012

Anniversary- Cozumel

the next day we went to Cozumel Mexico! this was probably one of my favorite days.
for our excursion we went kayaking & snorkeling. they took us to a really nice resort called Chankanaab, & we got to hang out there pretty much all day. Cozumel was so so beautiful! i've never seen such blue water! i wish we could have spent about a week just on the beach alone.

they had tons of cute shops & all the really pushy people trying to get you to buy everything.

they had a bunch of dolphins in this area that you could watch do all the fun tricks

their were so many fish & they would swim all around you and get so close.
matt was trying to catch one the whole time. haha

the snake looking thing is actually an eel. so gross! it really freaked me out.
i was ready to get out after that. hah!

they had botanical gardens we walked around in, & we seriously got eaten alive by mosquito's!

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