Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017

This is one of my most favorite times of year! We had such a fun Easter weekend. Sloane is finally at the age where she is old enough to do the fun stuff. My mom kicked off the weekend with her party on Saturday. Sloane LOVED hunting for all the eggs, until she saw the Easter bunny (aka Hunter). That about ruined her life. haha She was absolutely terrified and couldn't even look at him with out bursting into tears!! She may never look at Hunter the same haha!

On Easter morning I went into Sloane's room and told her the Easter bunny had come and brought her something. She yelled, "no!" then started crying and didn't want to leave her room. haha! After some convincing she finally came out and saw her basket and was so excited! as soon as she said it she yelled, "nana!" (Moana) I seriously LOVE putting together easter baskets. like I wish it was my job! 

After church we went to Matt's parents for another Easter celebration. Again Sloane loved hunting for the eggs and I think she has eaten more candy this weekend then she has combined in her whole life! haha she was on cloud 9! Such a great weekend spent with family!

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