Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Festivites

i hope everyone had a great halloween!
we did so many fun things in honor of the season.
isn't halloween such a fun time of year?

we started out the festivities with Ashley & TJ's party. we dressed up as harry potter again. haha we will probably use this costume for the rest of our lives. but the cat was a good touch wasn't it? 
and of course we carved a jazz pumpkin! it was so fun to see friends that we don't see very often.

next was megan & spencer's. these are all kids that me and matt have grown up with, and i love that everyone is still friends! we wore summer and scott's angry bird heads.. for about 5 minutes! 
they were seriously so annoying! haha!! ok, how cute are those cupcakes?? loved them!
we also watched "lady in black" so scary.. i watched maybe 10 minutes with out covering my eyes.

on sunday we had a birthday/ halloween party for summer and noah!!
we decided to go as replacement refs. pretty clever eh? i was pretty proud of myself for coming up with that one! haha.  i love being able to just hang out with the fam! with everyone getting older and everything else everyone has going on in their lives it seems like we all don't get together very much anymore, so it was fun having everyone be able to hang out!

on halloween at work everyone wore wigs instead of dressing up. mine is the pink and white one. don't know what it is suppose to be, but it is so ugly!! haha! the front is really long and the back is really short. it was fun getting weird looks from everyone who came in! haha! 

we were trying to decide what we should do halloween night. since we don't have any kids or anything halloween can get pretty boring, so i suggested we go to the jazz game for their season opener! we went up to city creek that afternoon and did a little shopping and had dinner before the game. i love when we can spend the whole day together! the jazz beat the mavericks 113-94, and we ended up getting great seats!! i love watching matt get so into the games! (he gets SOO into them)

i made these cute little treats for our primary class on sunday in honor of halloween.
i thought they turned out really cute!
but our primary class is seriously so naughty i ended up only giving them to 3 of the kids. haha!

a successful halloween has come and gone.
now on to the good holidays!!


  1. You two are so cute. Aaron is the halloween grinch! Matt needs to help him out! xo

    1. I don't give Matt a choice, otherwise he probably would be too!!! I can't believe you have a baby!! Congrats on your handsome little guy!! He is seriously to die for!!

  2. awww that is so cute haha you had the best halloween weekend ever it seems. so cool. i love your treats haha