Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Anniversary- Miami

ok last post, i promise.
so the next 2 days we spent in Miami. we got off the ship on friday morning and went to our hotel, we stayed at Deauville Beach Resort.
I was really excited cuz it was right on the beach. it had a nice pool area and own beach access, which was really cool.

we got off the ship at about 10:30 but couldnt check into our hotel til 4. so we thought we'd go to one of the malls & get lunch & shop etc to kill some time. the concierge said we could pay $35 for a one way taxi or take the city bus for $2.. so to the bus we went. it could have been way sketchy but we ended up loving taking the bus, and took it the rest of the time we were in miami. we got super street smart! haha

the guy sitting next to matt was so nice, and helped us know where to go. 
he only had like 5 teeth left! haha. bless his heart!

We went to Aventura Mall. it's a huge 3 story mall! every girls dream! 
we got lunch at cheesecake factory, went and saw Argo (way good) and did lots of shopping!

 me & matt on the bus. not sure why its so fuzzy.

so this is the lobby of our hotel, it was huge!! & so nice!! big screen tvs everywhere. we felt like we were in the ritz. so you get the picture, it was nice! as soon as you hit the elevator you're 100% stunned. ALMOST as ghetto as the ramada! hahaha! i think they spent all their money on the lobby & pool area! 

this was our view! hahaha we couldn't stop laughing about it!!
their was one night that the bathroom literally wouldn't open!! hahah 
so so ghetto! it was bad!! so basically we had really bad luck with hotels this trip!
but i think it will be something we can look back at in a few years and just laugh. we are already laughing about it! the one good thing about the hotel was that there was a walgreens right across the street. it was a saving grace! we went there like 5 times a day! haha!

we were over at walgreens & at the check out they had this little thing that looked like a shot. haha i think its similar to like a 5 hour energy but its suppose to make you happy! haha anyways matt wanted it so bad!! haha! it looks like he just drank a shot!

the next morning we decided to head down to south beach & lincoln road! 
lincoln road is 12 blocks of shopping! i dont think matt was too thrilled. its the kinda place you need to go with girls that love to walk around and shop, but matt did end up finding some stuff for himself which i was happy about.

we had lunch at serendipity! matt has never been to serendipity before, so i was really excited they had one!! i've told matt about how yummy the frozen hot chocolate is! such a fun place, although i don't think matt gets what all the craze is about. maybe its a girl thing? its just so cute!

i really wanted to spend the rest of the day at the beach.
i dont know if it is usually like this at miami beach, but it was SO windy!! 
i've seriously never seen wind like this before!! we were literally getting blown away! it made laying out on the beach not as much fun as i had liked, so we didn't even really stay out there that long which was disappointing.  luckily all the wind made the waves really big! matt loves the ocean & especially big waves! i even got in for a little bit even though i get really freaked out in the ocean!! 
not gonna lie, pretty proud of myself! matt was even impressed!
the water was soo warm!! if it hadn't have been so windy i think we would have stayed in all day!

the next morning (sunday) we flew home! we had so much fun celebrating one year of marriage, & made so many good memories! but are really happy to be home and sleeping in our own bed! after spending a few days in the big city we appreciate utah so much more!!

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