Monday, October 15, 2012

Anniversary- Key West

our first port was Key West. they said that it was the first day in awhile that it hadn't been rainy & cold. so we got lucky cuz it was so nice & really hot! we had so much fun walking around the little shops. it's a really pretty island, very green with lots of trees, and cool buildings. & lots of really weird statues. haha

weirdest statue! haha!

we also went parasailing this day. it was SO much fun! you just float up in the air and can see everything!! it was gorgeous, the water was so blue!! they also would dip us in the water a few times and the water was so warm! im not going to lie.. i was a little nervous about this one, the ocean kinda freaks me out! but i ended up loving it! i think it was one of matts favorite things we did the whole time.

this night was our elegant evening where everyone dresses up really nice. 
me & matt dont really ever get dressed up except for church, so it was kinda fun to be fancy for the evening.

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