Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Anniversary- Day at Sea

the following day was our fun day at sea. matt doesn't like these days, but i love them. 
you just get to hang out all day, relax & do all the fun things they have on the ship.
this was the one day that i got really sunburnt. i have a perfect outline of my swimming suit now. haha

this old guy wore this outfit the whole day on the ship. 
people were loving it!! they were having a hairy chest contest and he got up and danced. 
cutest old man i've ever seen!!!

this picture below is my favorite picture i took the whole time! haha

matt was obsessed with stretching on this trip for some reason! haha
every time i turned around he was stretching something.

prettiest sunsets.

hot tub time

ok i dont know if this is weird, but i was seriously obsessed with the bathrobes they have in the rooms. couldn't get enough. i want one so bad!

our waiter Marlon was the coolest guy ever!!
he's from the Philippines, & had the funniest sense of humor.
he loved to call me jessica biel but remind matt that he wasn't justin timberlake! haha
and im pretty sure he had a crush on me. haha
we are really gonna miss him.

this is a video of him dancing one night. 

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