Wednesday, August 31, 2011

def leppard

i found this picture from the def leppard concert 5 years ago.
it was right before senior year. this seems like it was SOOO long ago! haha
i would have never thought back then that the next time we went would be when we were engaged 5 years later..

(as you can tell one of the girls stripped down to her bra, good thing she has a rockin bod haha geez some people)
we always end up sitting by the weirdest people at concerts!! right in front of us was a group of people who were drinking, dancing, grinding, and making out with each other all night! at first it was so funny and incredibly entertaining! haha then things started to get a little out of control so we left a little early

all in all it was such a fun night and im so glad that we went!
definitely one for the books!


  1. LOVE those three pics of you two cuties!!

  2. hahah so funny! love this post.

  3. autumn, you are a treat. love you two :) can we please hang out? gosh