Sunday, October 7, 2012

one year.

i seriously can't believe its already been a whole year since our wedding.
it seems like such a big milestone-- no longer newlyweds (but who am i kidding, our newlywed stage lasted like 2 weeks haha) a lot of people are always telling me, "the first year is so hard isnt it?" and all i'm thinking is if this is the hardest year i am in for smooth sailing! we have been so incredibly blessed this first year of marriage. so sadly, i seriously doubt this will be our hardest year of marriage. & i owe it all to hubby! he has been the best. seriously though! i don't think their has been one day that he hasn't made me laugh. anyone who knows matt knows how funny he is & 
he seriously gets me laughing so so hard everyday! 
Matt is so patient with me, and always the first to apologize. 
of course we had our ups and downs, but the good days far outweighed the bad.
 we did so so so many fun things, we worked a lot & tried to take advantage of every opportunity.

our first year of marriage is something i will cherish for the rest of my life.
saying yes in the temple a year ago was by far my best decision yet!

Last night we had some of our wedding cake. i don't know who thought of that tradition.. but it's lame! the cake was stale & gross!! eat it while its still good (which we matt did for most of it)
that thing went straight to the garbage & i'm happy to have the freezer space.

 anniversary gifts to each other.

we leave today to spend the week in florida & the caribbean! yay!!!


  1. You two are so presh! And I love reading you express your feelings for Matt :) The first year was the easiest for us too! Happy One Year to you guys!

  2. one year is DEF a miilestone... and hopefully there are many more to come!