Monday, December 31, 2012

matt's birthday

i'll admit, having matt's birthday right after christmas is not ideal.
so i try really hard to make sure he feels extra special. 
this year i had the perfect gift! i have been so excited to give it to him!
he has been dropping hints for about 6 or 7 months that he wanted a handgun, 
but i made him believe that i thought they were dumb & i would never ever get one.
needless to say he was very excited!!!  

instead of the traditional cake, i got matt's favorite pumpkin pie!

happy 24th birthday matt!!
thanks for making everyday the best day ever!! you're my #1


  1. haha he was probably sooo happy! We all need to go shooting now!

  2. happy birthday matt! audie you are such a good wife.

  3. happy birthday matt! i love your house. it reminds me, you need to come see mine & we need a shopping date. :)