Sunday, December 16, 2012

the most wonderful time of the year

for some reason i have been so so excited for christmas this year.
i've seriously been loving it!

we did our annual gingerbread houses at my mom's.
mine (i would say ours, but matt didn't help) was obviously the best!
but a winner was not chosen, so childrens tender hearts would not be broken.

 we also went up to temple square with jackie, benj, & little mischa. 
we go with them every year! such a fun tradition!
(we missed your courtney!)

our friends c.j. & audrey had an ugly sweater party, sadly i didn't get any pictures of everyones awesome sweaters, but i did get a picture of the gingerbread house i (again, just me) made!
such a fun night with all of our friends!

 then we made gingerbread houses with matt's family.
we made so many gingerbread houses this year! haha

i bet you can guess who did our house.
me. haha. maybe matt will help one of these days.. if i let him.

both mine and matt's nephews and nieces go to the same preschool, so went to their christmas program.
one of them sang really good the whole time and did all the actions, the other two sat there and didn't move nearly the entire time. haha so funny!

ok, i have been loving all the snow!! i get so excited when i wake up to it! it's seriously the best!!

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