Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hawaii Part One

I feel like we had been looking forward to this trip for SOOO long, and just like that, its over! It's so sad how fast it went! This was by far my favorite trip we have taken Sloane on. I think the best part of the whole trip was watching how much fun Sloane had and watching her slowly come out of her shell and try new things. 

We (Matt) were super nervous about the flight. Sloane has never flown before and she is the biggest scaredy cat ever. So I knew the she would be totally freaked out about the plane. I was SO wrong!! She LOVED it. she kept looking out the windows at the planes and yelling, "pane, pane!" and crying because she wanted to get on. The take off didn't even phase her. I was super prepared with tons of new toys/activities and lots of movies on the iPad. She did surprisingly well, but unfortunately didn't fall asleep till we were literally descending. So she was woken up and was super mad and bawling for what felt like forever. haha! luckily that was the only meltdown the whole time.  

When we checked in at Aulani they gave all the women lei's, all the men beaded necklaces and then all the kids these necklaces with a little tiki guy necklaces. I thought that was so cute and fun. After we checked in we went to dinner then went down to the beach and I was so surprised how much Sloane loved the water. She just ran right in and I had to save her from drowning like 4 times haha!

So I took about 300 pics a day haha, so I'm gonna have divide all the pics up into several different posts and ill try not to post all of them. haha!

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