Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hawaii Part Two

The first morning after we got there we went to the character breakfast. I thought for sure that Sloane would be terrified of all the characters, because she was so traumatized by the easter bunny. haha! But she was super excited when she would see any of the characters. Until they got to close, she didn't like that. haha! Her favorite by far was seeing Moana. She always wanted to go look for Moana and anytime she saw a boat she would say it was Moana's boat! 

I loved hanging out on the beach in the bay. It was seriously so perfect for kids. No big waves which made it sooo nice since Sloane was being a little stinker about wearing her life jacket the first few days. And the water was the most perfect temperature! 

I also loved how everything was Mickey. It just tastes better haha! The snow cones!!! Oh, the snow cones! I had at least 2 a day! Everyone kept joking that I would secretly go get them. haha! They were so good!

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