Monday, April 1, 2013


Matt & I didn't do Easter baskets for each other last year, but we thought it would be fun to do it this year! I know its not what easter is suppose to be about, but with Matt's birthday & Christmas days apart their isn't many opportunities to give him gifts through out the year, so I like any opportunity! Easter baskets were so fun, I love spoiling Matt (he NEVER buys anything for himself, so I have to get it for him) & Matt always does a good job spoiling me! (you can't go wrong with anything from Nordstrom! Haha)

Easter is such a fun holiday! I try not to forget the real reason for the season. I'm thankful that Jesus was resurrected so that we can be too!!

Me & my brother Daniel left this afternoon to come down to Vegas & then we'll be continuing on to California tomorrow with my mom & other brothers. I'm not gonna lie.. I was really emotional saying goodbye to Matt for 5 days!!! Hopefully he doesnt throw too many ragers while I'm gone!! Haha!

(I'm blogging on my phone.. So sorry if its looking wierd)

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