Saturday, March 30, 2013

real estate

matt has been done with real estate school for almost a year now, but has been putting off taking his state test for quite some time. the last 3 weeks he has been studying non stop and has had many many sleepless nights. last night he only got 2 hours.. poor guy! i was so excited when he texted me this afternoon letting me know he passed!!! probably not as excited as he was though haha! i know he is extremely relieved to get it done and over with! i know it was a lot of work, and i am so proud of him for sticking with it and getting it done! 

way to go matt!!

{i told him i wanted to get of picture of him with some of his paper work, of course he said no. haha he said just take of picture of the paper, haha so thats what i did.}

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  1. haha i love how i can hear you speak as you write all your posts. I think i say that everytime. congrats matt! i love you two. mwah