Thursday, March 28, 2013


yeah, so i have sucked at blogging. mainly because i haven't taken any pictures and i only like blogs that have pictures. haha. if you know matt, its like pulling teeth to get him to take pictures (he's like a child).. and it's just not worth the fight. anyways, here are some of the things we have been doing during this long winter (can't even tell you how happy i am that its getting warmer) that i haven't gotten any pictures of.

// Skiing at Canyons
// 2 jazz games (OKC & NY Knicks)
// BYU vs Gonzaga game
// Matt has been playing on an intramural basketball team with some of his friends
// Lots of yoga for me
// Celebrated my sister Aspen who passed away 12th birthday
// Matt has been studying non stop to take his real-estate test this month (along with his regular classes and work going on)
// I have been getting back into running to get ready for another triathlon in may, & to get my lazy ass
back into shape haha
// seen pretty much every movie that's in or has been in theaters or at red box. what can i say, it's our favorite activity
// Austin & Kayla's wedding
// matt helped me fill out an NCAA bracket for work.. & i'm winning! oh yeah!
// 1 st. patty's day celebration
// 2 easter celebrations
// lots & lots of work for the both of us
i'm sure their are a few other things i cant think of at the moment.

we have been planning a trip down to newport beach with my mom and brothers this next week over spring break and i have been soooo excited to show them all the fun things we do when we go down with matts family!! sadly matt had some work stuff come up and wont be able to go. sniff sniff. it will be the first time we have spent a night apart since we have been married. i guess it was only a matter of time, and i will miss him so much. but i am so excited for some sunshine and relaxing.

i felt bad i was going to be leaving matt for a whole week by his lonesome, so i went ahead and jumped on the freezer meals band wagon so the poor guy doesn't starve. not gonna lie, i was feeling like martha stewart (i'm not the best in the cooking department) haha! hopefully they turn out ok, and matt can figure out how to use the crockpot haha. thanks to pinterest i made these recipes..
// chicken brocoli alfredo
// sweet bbq chicken
// teriyaki chicken
// cilantro lime chicken
// baked zitti

i did get a few pictures of my nephews with these cute bubble easter baskets i made for them. i even hid them and made them go on the hunt. haha (don't you wish i was your aunt) aren't they the cutest? i just love them so much, they always put a smile on my face!

i will try to be better at taking pictures this next month. hopefully we'll be doing lots of fun things that are picture worthy.

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  1. our posts are so similar today.
    less photos, lots of words. :)