Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mckenzie's Wedding

ready for another picture overload? 
my little sister mckenzie got married on the 19th
these are some of the pictures from my camera and from my phone.
it was a great day, and im very happy for Mckenzie & her new husband Josh.

they had a dinner the night before at uvu.
i snapped some pics of our family durning it 
i thought it was so funny, they all looked so bored!! hahah

mckenzie was picking josh's nails while people were talking. haha so weird.

hunter picking at his arm

bobby sleeping

they got married at the draper temple.
one of my favorites. 
even better the sealing lasted about 10 minutes. haha perfect!

wadley farms.

look at bridger's little crack haha

well all the patterson sisters are now married off.
im sure my dad is very happy he doesnt have to pay for another wedding.

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  1. haha your last comment... so true. My dad is still gearing up for the three of us i suppose. Her wedding looks wonderful and i love your sweater!