Tuesday, September 4, 2012

labor day week & end

school may have started, but the summer isn't quite over yet and we are trying to take in every last ounce of the warm weather left. here are a few things we have been up to this past week..

Bee's Game

can you tell how much matt likes taking pictures haha

Park City
our good friends nate & lindsey are moving to boston pretty soon, so we wanted to set up a fun weekend with all our friends so we could spend some time with the newmans before they leave. we planned to go up to my parents condo in park city, but that fell through last minute (don't even get me started) but Nate really pulled through and found us another condo up there and we ended up having so much fun! we need to do stuff like this at least once a month!! thanks everyone who came up for the fun weekend!
(my iphone camera really let me down, none of my pictures turned out very good.. sorry)

we played lots of games & i seriously dont remember the last time i've laughed that hard

how many guys does it take to set up a pull out bed? 4

all these boys have been best friends since they were little.. so precious haha

lindsey made us all breakfast in the morning! homemade kneaders french toast!! 
how awesome is she? she's the best!

we are gonna miss these guys when they go to boston, but so excited for their next adventure
& now we have the best excuse to go visit!

Horsetail Falls
on labor day we went and hiked up horsetail falls with the childs.
i dont think i've ever hiked all the way to the falls & it was so pretty! i just love hiking!

not too many of these warm nights left, so i insisted we have a bonfire! we had smores with benj, jackie, & little mischa. love spending time with them!

we are sad that the summer and warm weather is coming to an end, but have a very busy and fun fall to look forward to. i cant wait for our upcoming adventures that we have planned!

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  1. so fuuun! can't wait to see the pics from our camping in the back yard adventure! haha