Monday, November 28, 2011


For Thanksgiving me & matt made the 9 hour drive down
to newport beach to spend the week with matt's family.

we stayed at some villa's right on the coast

a few of the mornings we would go walking down to the
beach. so pretty!

Mckay, Maddi, & Isaac got some boogie boards and
wetsuits and never left the water.

on Thanksgiving night we went to Maggiano's
which is a Childs family tradition.

i convinced everyone to do a little black friday shopping.
so 6am we made our way over to banana & gap. (obviously the most
important stores) we also headed over to fashion island and
the spectrum and did some serious damage.

we hung out at the beach everyday! ohh my gosh, it was such a dream.

we had so much fun, i think everyone is in a
serious case of depression being back.

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  1. Forgive me for stalking your blog--but especially after seeing you came to Newport I had to say hello! I live like 15 min. away from Newport. Such a great place! Your blog is awesome and your wedding was beautiful! You and Matt are darling together!