Wednesday, November 2, 2011


the weekend we got married we went up to my parents condo in park city. Me, summer, and my mom went up there a couple days before and decorated it all cute with candles and flowers and made it really set the mood ;) haha!
these are the only pictures i took while we were up there. but we did lots of stuff and had a lot of fun. we went to the outlets, went to the movies, went out to lunch and dinner. so it was a good weekend ;)
(doesn't he look hot?)

we didn't leave for our cruise til the following sunday, so it was a long week back at work. i took a ton of pictures from our cruise, but when we got back something happened to my memory card, and most of our pictures were ruined (yes, i cried)

the first night we were on the ship they brought us out a cute dessert and sang to us for being on our honeymoon (i did have a picture of it, but of course it was ruined) it was so funny, and as you can guess matt loved being the center of attention haha

these pictures are from the ships private island it was really cool, but not too much to do on it all day when your broke newlyweds. all the shore excursions looked like so much fun but they were all sooo expensive!! so we just layed out most of the day, did a little swimming in the ocean, and by little i mean like 5 minutes.. way to scared of sharks haha. they also had this hiking trail that goes all over the island so we did that for a little bit.

they had a huge casino on the ship, so we decided to be a little crazy and try some games. i only let us spend $5, we lost all of it. haha

the picture above and below are the only pictures i have from when we went to nassau.
the picture below is from a seaboat tour we went on around atlantis. after that we did lots of shopping through the straw markets. i love stuff like that, but matt hated it!! haha he thought all the people were way too pushy (which they were) but he was really good at bargaining!

they had a lot of really fun shows on the ship that we would go to.
these pictures are from one of them. the glasses that matt are wearing he got from the straw market. haha. the guy wanted $25 for them and matt worked him down to $10
they also had a lot of fun entertainment on the ship, this guy was balancing 3 cans on his head! pretty impressive! one day they had a belly flop contest, it was soo funny!

this is us at the airport. we had to get off the ship at like 8:30 and our flight didn't leave til 2.. so we were at the airport FOREVER.
our cruise was so fun, it was so hard to come back!!


  1. SO happy to finally see these pics! SO sad a lot of them got ruined :( Lets all go on one together next summer.. mmmk!

  2. autumn... i love how you write all your posts haha i can hear your 'haha's when you say them. its so entertaining. you guys are adorable! if i could do a blog i would want it to be like yours! but i can't so i just read yours. muahahaha mwah

    mastermind #2