Monday, August 20, 2012

saratoga springs triathlon

summer talked me into doing another tri.. suprise suprise!
this one seemed a lot harder than the last one we did, i guess training for them 
really pays off! haha! but i still had fun and im sure ill get talked into doing a few more.

unfortunately we couldnt talk matt into coming and taking pictures this time. 
(i mean who wouldn't want to get up early on a saturday & come take pictures for 2 hours?)
so this is the only picture we got..

summer got 1st place in her age group.
this saturday she is doing the 1/2 iron man, there was no way she could
talk me into doing that one.


  1. Your blog is so cute. I love the pictures of you and matt up the side since HIGH SCHOOL! Autumn, you are awesome for doing a triathalon! That sounds so hard. Way to go girl. I forgot to tell you that in June I think it was I saw Summer and Mckenzie running the AF half marathon. I did the 5K and then watched my aunt cross the finish line for the half and saw your sisters cross too!