Tuesday, May 29, 2012

insta--memorial day weekend

for memorial day weekend we made the drive down to st. george to spend the weekend with my brother daniel, and the dunn's. we had so much fun and so many laughs. 

here's the scooter gang riding to the pool

we spent most of our weekend at the pool, which i was fine with.
i needed some serious sun on this pasty skin.

 some one got in to moms makeup--

we drove down to vegas one day and did lots of shopping
and of course had dinner at maggiano's

 one morning summer and scott were going to have daniel drop them off at the top of snow canyon so they could run down. me and matt decided to tag along but we didnt want to run that far so we had daniel drop us off a little farther down. i dont know why we thought we would know the way back-- cuz we didnt. we got totally lost and ended up having to hitch hike home. haha!! bless that sweet ladies heart who gave us a ride.

on the way home we stopped at zion's. i have never been they're before and we are all dying to go back so we can spend some more time there (well expect maybe daniel)

coolest siblings pic!!

thanks for the fun weekend summer & scott!

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