Monday, October 3, 2011

on thursday my sister summer threw me the most amazing bridal shower everrrr!
everything turned out so cute.
thanks to matts sisters and mom for helping with everything as well.

aren't these cookies so cute??

i was able to receive my endowments on friday night. it was was an
interesting experience that i will not forget haha. (i'm sure everyone can relate from their first time) but what great experience for matt to be their with me.
all of our families were their and also my good friends courtney, jackie, and benj.
im so glad they were able to come it made it so special.

we get married in 4 days :)

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  1. that was fun! glad i could be there :) im excited for you! thats so fun. can i come to your house sometime? im gonna call you like 2 or 3 months from now and come over :)