Friday, August 12, 2011

down to the wire

matt & his dad & brothers did all the tile. i love it!! it looks so good.
they did such a good job!
they also built the deck..

and installed all the wood floor (which looks amaaazing!)
i have always loved wood floors
(matt's dad kim, matt, & my dad)
i even helped a little. and by a little i mean cutting that piece of wood
below was the only thing i did haha

we went back a couple days after all the wood was installed and noticed that it was getting all scratched up from the subs working through out the house. matt was pretty upset about it so we got all this plastic stuff and covered the ENTIRE floor. needless to say i think it will do the trick so the floor doesnt get scratched. and i know matt sleeps a little better at night.

the exterior is getting so close to being done. where all the grey is will be the same rock that is on our fireplace. im so excited to see how it turns out.

main bath.
matts in love with the black vanity

master bath
ok i think its safe to say that i am obsessed with this bathroom. isnt it soo cute?!
i LOVE the grey cabinets and the marble counter tops!
i am also obsessed with the kitchen.
everything is turning out so good!! it is so close to being done & i can hardly wait! the final inspection is next thursday. even though we wont be moving in for a couple months. just enough time to get it all decorated!

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