Wednesday, June 15, 2011

1/2 Marathons Blow

On Saturday me & matt along with my sister, her husband, and my dad literally got up BEFORE the crack of dawn (3:30am) to run the utah valley 1/2 marathon. It was Matts 2nd & my 6th. After every one i always say that it will be my last haha. this time i mean it. i don't know why i put myself through these things! i hate running. & i mean HATE running! me & matt were both so over it by mile 2. haha! Matt kept getting mad at me cuz i just wanted to stop and walk, then i i would get mad at him cuz he wouldn't let me haha. but despite my promises we will probably be running another one in a couple of months haha

me & matt waiting at the top of the canyon. it was so early & so cold,
i was so butt hurt about it haha. matt looks like he's so pumped.

All of us after the race!


  1. bahahah these make me laugh.. such good pics of your and matt's personalities! when benj and I get back we'll start training and eventually run one with ya'll! :)