Thursday, September 1, 2016


(i was inspired by another blogger to capture just a few seconds everyday.) 

August was a busy and fun month for us. We kept Sloane entertained with lots of trips to thanksgiving point (how great is the pass?) the mall, going to Saturday football games and many days spent at the park/splash pad. Matt kept busy a few weekends with the archery hunt and i started working at sport clips again. 

Sloane is at such a fun age and has so much personality. I've started to notice this last month how aware she is of everything around her and how much she pays attention to what we are doing. I hope i can always remember her at this age. even though some days are hard and she gets super feisty (like super super feisty haha) i know i will miss it one day. 

 Some of my favorite things she has been doing.. 

-is really in to dolls and loves to put diapers on them and then hugs them and pats them on the back 
-first thing she does when she wakes up is goes over and puts on all of her necklaces
-when ever I'm cooking she will go grab a spoon or spatula out of the drawer and tries to reach the stove to help. 
-she is starting to get so tender hearted. If you get mad at her she gets so so sad! 
-loves to help clean. If I'm wiping things down or sweeping etc she always mimics me. Such a good little helper. 
-loves to try on shoes and loves wearing boots
-loves to give kisses and goes around to each of us and gives us kisses before bed. Even scout.
-loves to say "yeah." Its soo cute! It's probably my favorite thing ever!! I also love when you ask her a question and she nods her head yes haha. 
-LOVES to get her hair done. when i ask her if we should go do her hair she gets so excited and runs in to the bathroom and tries to climb on the counter. Getting her to keep her hair is another thing haha!
-all her animals.. they are just the best haha

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