Sunday, February 16, 2014

valentines day

i love love love Valentine's Day!! 
i know some people are haters and think you should treat everyday like valentines day, blah blah blah! but come on.. its so fun!! i love any excuse to get some special for matt!

This year for valentines i did 14 reasons why i love matt, and he opened one each day.
it was really fun to come up with reasons why i love him, most of them were inside jokes haha,
but i think it made him feel special.

our valentines was SUPER low key,
we normally don't like to go out because it is seriously madness out there!
we usually like to go to the movies on valentines, but does anyone else agree their are ZERO good movies out right now? so annoying! so we just stayed in and watched p.s i love you. 
(makes me cry every time)
perfect valentines if you ask me. 

maybe a little inappropriate.. but come on.. its funny! haha!

couldn't not get a little something for my other valentine.
scout loves her elephant, and has almost half of the stuffing ripped out of it already haha

i got matt this nixon watch. i think he was pleased.

matt got me this up band. its the same thing i got him for christmas, and i think he was catching on to my jealousy haha but i was totally surprised and have been loving it!!

also how cute is this picture matt got me??
i LOVE it!! now where to put it..


  1. really? you guys are the perfect couple. troy needs a few lessons from matt. his gifts are always spot on. of course i laughed at the wiener tag, that word itself is funny. :)

  2. you guys are seriously the best at gift giving :) loves!

  3. omg that 'hot dog' photo. sooo funny. you guys are so cute.