Sunday, July 7, 2013

fourth of july weekend

my dad just got a new ski boat, so we took it out during the day so matt & scott could learn how to use it. probably not the best day to go out boating, it was so busy. but it was still nice to get out on the lake. it was scouts first time on a boat and in the water other than the tub. she did NOT like it haha. we got a little life jacket for her, and my dad just threw her in, haha poor thing. but she knew just what to do. cant wait to take the boat out again, maybe on a less busy day!

the fourth of july is matt's dads birthday so we had a bbq at the Childs.
happy birthday Kim!
PG had a big firework show that night so we were able to sit in our front yard and watch, 
best seat in the house!

i have been wanting to go camping since the beginning of the summer, so since i had the weekend off i put my foot down and decided we were going rain or shine. 
we went up af canyon with matts brother cody, his wife megan, & their dog bo. 
camping is such a great little getaway! sometimes i forget how beautiful utah is. 
it rained on us for sure, but we still had a good time & scout was a little champ!

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