Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentines Day

 I love valentines day.. i know, surprise surprise!
i know you shouldn't need a reason to show people how much you love them, 
but i love the excuse to do something special.
i loved seeing all the guys out buying flowers and chocolate, i think its so sweet.

our valentines are usually very low key.
the day started out with matt making me breakfast in bed, then we exchanged some gifts.

matt got me a gorgeous robe from potterybarn, and i got his some sorel boots.

durning the day i went to the alpine elementary valentines dance that matt's niece madi was part of this year. she has been talking to me about it forever & has been so excited about it. 
it brought back so many memories of when i had the valentines dance back in the day. i still remember my outfit exactly and i'm pretty sure i still have it somewhere! haha! its seriously like the best day of 6th grade! i also got to see mr. beckstrand (below) who was mine and matt's teacher in the 4th grade. he still looks exactly the same! haha

i worked on valentine's night. super lame i know! but i came home to these gorgeous flowers!
i've said it many times before and i'll say it again. matt is so good at this stuff! haha! cuz how adorable is this?

it's kind of our tradition to go to the movies on valentine's day, so we planned to go out on friday night for dinner & a movie. i dragged matt to safe haven! (i just finished reading the book.. if you like the book, don't go. noting like the book, like at all) but 3/4 of the way through matt got sick and we had to leave early. i wasn't really that disappointed, cuz i wasn't diggin it. 

im so grateful to have so many people around me that make me feel loved, 
especially my #1. Couldn't have asked for a better life partner!
i hope everyone felt the love and had a great valentine's day!

also a big birthday shout out
to this guy who turns 21 today!
Happy birthday Christian!
You're one of my favorite people ever
and i'm so glad were family!!

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