Wednesday, January 30, 2013


ok how bad does january suck?
it's so cold & their is seriously nothing to do! booo! i hate it!
(is this snow for real?)

so this month we decided to embark on a little project.
our office.
it has been extremely hurting for some time now.
just super messy, unorganized, crap everywhere because we only had
one teeny tiny shelf. gross, it was not cute! so finally matt put his foot down
and decided something had to be done. haha.
so we went up to ikea and finally got some bookshelves.
we rearranged the whole room & i love the way it looks!
so so so so so much better!
we finally have enough room for all our "office" stuff. 
too much room in fact, i'm having a hard time trying to fill the empty spaces. 
and we found the perfect spot to hang the picture of Christ matt's parents gave us for christmas.
slowly but surely our little house is coming together. 

i am so excited to have January done and over with! February is so much more fun!
how cute is valentines day? yay!!
these are some of the few valentines decorations we have. 

my latest obsession-- c wonder
check it out! seriously cutest stuff!!
i'm dying over those dishes!

also, i chopped my hair this month!
buuuut, we haven't done anything so i haven't taken any pictures.
but im loving it, i was getting so sick of my long hair. 
hopefully february will be much more eventful with the big 24 and valentines day coming up!


  1. love the ''new'' office! oh and all the cute vday decor.

  2. Ahh I have to see this hair!! the office looks SO good :)

  3. OUR birthday month, hoo-rah! :)

    where did you get your fireplace printable? want!

    i am so excited to see you tonight.