Thursday, February 9, 2012


i never never never ever thought that i would be 23!!! it always seemed so old!! haha
but this birthday was the best one yet! i got so spoiled!

matt had to work all day, so i got to sleep in & woke up to a gift certificate to the spa.
so my afternoon was consumed with lunch with my sister in laws and an hour long facial.
i've never been to a spa before and i had so much fun!! i want to go back everyday now!
 i loved wearing the robe & slippers haha

when matt asked me what i wanted for my birthday i told him all i wanted was to 
get my car washed and detailed. so a little bday present to myself i took my car and got 
it cleaned (and i got 1/2 off cuz it was my bday) i LOVE having a clean car!

i picked out this fossil purse for my mom to get me for my birthday. 
i love it. classy right?

matt surprised me and took me to the melting pot for dinner.
i loooove the melting pot. especially the desert!! i dream about the chocolate. so good!!

im always saying that i wish my kindle has a light so i could read it in bed.
so matt got me this kindle case that has a light connected to it. so nice, 
im so excited to put it to use.

i had such a fun birthday, i was one lucky lady. matt completely spoiled me.
thanks to all of those you who gave me a birthday shout out. i felt the love!

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  1. How did I know you'd be going to the Melting Pot?! haha so glad matt spoiled ya!