Sunday, January 8, 2012

iphone overload

what would we do with out camera phones? i would have zero pictures.
i dont remember the last time i used a regular camera.

on christmas eve we went to the cemetery to visit matt's nephew camden's grave
and we stopped by aspen's too. 

we has christmas eve dinner and presents at matts house.

then went up to my house for the annual christmas exchange

 we slept at our house so we could start our own christmas traditions.
isn't matts morning hair the best? haha

 i gave matt some clothes and movies.. mostly boring stuff

 matt gave me a kindle. i love it so much and am constantly reading on it.
i think he's almost wishing he didn't give it to me. haha

we went up to my house later that night and had another christmas with my family
we got lots of good stuff including a big rug for our family room. we looove it. it is the softest thing ever. all my brothers were seriously molesting it cuz it is so soft haha

i think matt's favorite present was the nba starting again.

matt's birthday was on the 30th so we took a little weekend getaway to st. george.
i got him a new derek favors jazz jersey.

we drove down to vegas, did lots of shopping and went to matt's
favorite restaurant maggiano's

matt's birthday lasted like a whole week. haha because we went away for the weekend and then
another present i got matt was tickets to the jazz vs hornets game on monday.
we had so much fun.

on tuesday my family had a little birthday party for him and my nephew bridger.

on wednesday we went out to eat with matt's family then came back to our place for some cake.
basically we had a ton of cake that week.

jackie and benj came over on saturday and gave matt his birthday present.
a water snapper turtle. matt has been wanting it so bad, i know he loves it.

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  1. How fun!! You are such a good wife! & I think Zack's favorite Christmas present was the NBA starting too... ha